Scarborough House by Borrmeister Architects

Scarborough House is an inspiring ocean-front hillside residence located in Christchurch, New Zealand, designed in 2017 by Borrmeister Architects.

Modern hillside home with expansive glass walls and a metal roof.
Modern hillside house with large windows and wooden accents.
Sleek living space with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the sea.
Sunlit room with glass walls and ocean view.
Floating wooden staircase with glass wall and metal railings.
Contemporary bedroom with ocean view and wooden terrace
Modern house with large windows overlooking a river at dusk.
Modern house with illuminated interiors at twilight.

About Scarborough House

Nestled against the vibrant backdrop of Christchurch, New Zealand, Scarborough House emerges as a contemporary beacon of architectural brilliance. Borrmeister Architects’ vision for an ocean-front hillside residence materialized with remarkable finesse in 2017. The Scarborough House, named after its majestic locale, stands as a testament to modern design seamlessly integrated with the rugged beauty of its surroundings.

Innovative Facade

Approaching Scarborough House, the first encounter is with its innovative exterior. The steel and glass façade, punctuated by wooden slats, yields expansive views and a striking first impression. Sunlight dances off the metal roof, hinting at the thoughtful interplay of light and shadow crafted by the architects. The dwelling’s sturdy base, anchored in the hillside, offers a sense of permanence amidst the fluid ocean panorama.

Translucent Transition

As dusk falls, the residence comes alive with a warm, inviting glow. The transition from daylight to twilight showcases the home’s dynamic relationship with natural light. Strategic illumination underscores architectural elements, transforming the house into a glowing jewel against the nocturnal landscape.

Fluid Interior Spaces

Inside, the open-plan living area greets visitors with golden wood floors and unobstructed ocean views. Here, the interior design mirrors the exterior’s contemporary ethos. The kitchen’s sleek lines and minimalist aesthetic are a chef’s dream, while the adjacent living space invites conviviality with its plush seating and direct access to the outdoor terrace.

The master bedroom extends the promise of serenity with its wooden accents and floor-to-ceiling windows, blurring the lines between indoors and out. A step outside onto the private balcony presents a moment of reflection, enveloped by the sea’s tranquility.

Descending into the heart of Scarborough House, the intimate connection to the environment persists. A cozy reading nook, flanked by a well-stocked bookshelf and panoramic views, offers a quiet retreat. The carefully chosen furnishings and modern fireplace assert that every detail in this home is a deliberate stroke of design genius.

In conclusion, Scarborough House by Borrmeister Architects stands not merely as a structure but as a living entity that engages with its environment and occupants. This ocean-front hillside residence, with its contemporary design, is a timeless addition to Christchurch’s landscape, captivating the essence of modern living at the edge of the world.

Photography by Sarah Rowlands

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- by Matt Watts