Apartment in Ukraine by Design Studio Zimenko Yuriy

Apartment in Ukraine is a contemporary apartment designed in 2018 by Design Studio Zimenko Yuriy.

Contemporary open-plan living space with elegant furniture and neutral tones.
Modern open-plan kitchen and living room interior with elegant furnishings.
Elegant dining area with marble table and chic pendant lighting.
Elegant kitchen with wood paneling and marble island.
Contemporary room with tree-shaped bookshelf and gray armchair.
Modern bedroom with wooden wardrobe, bed with beige linens, and patterned rug
Modern bathroom with glass shower, LED mirror, and gray tiles.

About Apartment in Ukraine

Nestled in the heart of Ukraine, the “Apartment in Ukraine” is a testament to contemporary living, designed in 2018 by Design Studio Zimenko Yuriy. This apartment exemplifies modern design, boasting a sleek yet inviting atmosphere. Let’s take a journey through this space, exploring the seamless fusion of style and functionality that defines it.

An Entrance into Elegance

Upon entering, the open-plan living area welcomes guests with its harmonious blend of warm wooden accents and cooler, dark tones. The eye is immediately drawn to the striking kitchen island, a centerpiece crafted with attention to detail, reflective of the apartment’s contemporary style. The adjacent dining area, with its elegant glass bubble chandelier, promises chic dinner parties and intimate gatherings alike.

A Study in Sophistication

Transitioning from the culinary delights, the living room offers a haven for relaxation. Each piece of furniture, from the plush sofa to the minimalist coffee table, is thoughtfully curated to create a space that’s both stylish and comfortable. The soft, earthy hues invite one to unwind, while the large windows bathe the room in natural light.

Tranquil Retreats

The private quarters are no less impressive. The master bedroom, with its subtle textures and clean lines, serves as a tranquil retreat. Here, the interplay of light and wood continues, creating a serene backdrop for rest. The children’s room, playful yet refined, is designed to spark imagination and joy, complete with whimsical shelving and cozy furnishings.

Completing the tour, the bathrooms stand out as bastions of luxury, featuring sleek, modern fixtures and ambient lighting that transforms everyday routines into experiences of indulgence. From the reflective surfaces to the strategic lighting, each element works in concert to create spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Design Studio Zimenko Yuriy’s “Apartment in Ukraine” is more than a living space; it’s a showcase of modern design that speaks to the elegance of simplicity and the beauty of thoughtful detail. Each room tells a story, inviting you to write your own within its walls.

Photography by Andrey Avdeenko

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- by Matt Watts