Coastal Pavilions by Liminal Studio

These nine Coastal Pavilions located in Tasmania, Australia, were designed by Liminal Studio.

Modern interior with wood paneling and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking trees.
Wood-paneled room with curved ceiling and a narrow window.
Wood-paneled bedroom with floor-to-ceiling glass wall overlooking a forest.
Modern bedroom with wooden walls and floor-to-ceiling glass overlooking a serene landscape.
Contemporary wooden hallway leading to a bedroom with natural light.
Modern forest cabin deck with glass walls and minimalist furniture.
Curved glass walls on a timber deck with sleek furnishings and nature reflections.
Modern wooden deck with curved glass walls overlooking a scenic view.
Modern glass cabins in a forest setting with an outdoor deck.

About Coastal Pavilions

Innovative Expansion at Freycinet Lodge

RACT Destinations commissioned Liminal to enhance Freycinet Lodge’s accommodations with nine innovative pavilions. These Coastal Pavilions offer a unique contrast to the 60 cabins from the 1990s development.

Drawing Inspiration from Nature

Liminal found inspiration in the coastal granite rock formations’ fluid shapes, paying tribute to the National Park’s essence. Curved, floor-to-ceiling windows merge the interior with the exterior, immersing guests in nature. The strategic arrangement of the living room and bedroom wings forms a protective embrace, ensuring privacy and a secluded outdoor bath experience.

A Tasmanian Timber Embrace

Inside, the pavilions bask in Tasmanian timber warmth. Utilizing offcuts of Tasmanian oak, Blackwood, and locally produced plywood, the design highlights an authentic Tasmanian ambiance.

Previously hidden as structural ply, the Tasmanian Oak Delegatensis veneer now stars as a novel finish, showcasing the beauty of utilitarian materials in a fresh light. This approach has cultivated a unique atmosphere that resonates with the pavilion’s natural surroundings.

A Protective, Yet Discreet Exterior

The pavilions’ black, protective shell features charred Red Ironbark, enhancing durability and nodding to fire’s importance in the landscape. This discreet choice recedes into the background, allowing the natural vegetation and mesmerizing water views to take center stage.

A Novel Approach to Balustrades

Addressing the challenge of preserving unobstructed views, Liminal introduced netted, hammock-like balustrades. This inventive solution not only retains the stunning vistas but also offers a unique space for relaxation and enjoyment of the breathtaking setting.

Photography by Dianna Snape

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- by Matt Watts