Contemporary Scandi Apartment by Laura Seppänen

Contemporary Scandi Apartment designed in 2017 by Laura Seppänen is located in Helsinki, Finland.

Modern living room interior with sofa, coffee table, and decor.
Minimalist living space with neutral tones, clean lines, and simple decor.
Modern living room with black chair, white walls, and large windows.
Modern black leather chair by a window in a bright room with minimal decor.
Modern minimalist room with a black chair, shelf, mirror, and decorative plants.
Modern kitchen with white cabinets, black dining table, designer chairs, and pendant light
Minimalist interior with striped bedding, black chair, and green plants.
Minimalist bedroom with monochrome stripe bedding and wall art.

About Contemporary Scandi Apartment

Welcome to a serene embodiment of Nordic charm—the Contemporary Scandi Apartment. Laura Seppänen’s 2017 design in Helsinki, Finland, offers a masterclass in Scandinavian aesthetics, inviting us into a space where minimalism meets warmth.

Embracing Minimalism

Step into the living room where simplicity reigns. A monochromatic palette whispers tranquility, with textures providing subtle depth. Seppänen’s design aligns the room with the apartment’s overarching theme—a testament to the Scandinavian pursuit of coziness and function.

Culinary Elegance

Adjacent to the living space, the kitchen and dining area blend seamlessly. Here, practicality dances with elegance. The dining table—a modernist centerpiece—echoes the clean lines and muted tones found throughout this Helsinki haven.

A Study in Contrast

The journey continues into a space of contrast: the study. Black accents punctuate the white-dominated room, illustrating the Scandinavian flair for visual balance. Each element in Seppänen’s design contributes to a narrative of harmony and light.

The bedroom, a sanctuary of calm, uses contrast to soothe the senses. Striped bedding adds a rhythm to the room’s quietude, while artful touches nod to the designer’s eye for detail.

In this Contemporary Scandi Apartment, every corner speaks to Laura Seppänen’s vision. It stands as a serene escape within the vibrant heart of Helsinki, reflecting the purity and simplicity intrinsic to Scandinavian design.

Photography courtesy of Laura Seppänen

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- by Matt Watts