The Shephard by Interior Marketing Group

The Shephard is a beautiful penthouse apartment located in New York City, designed by Interior Marketing Group.

Elegant living space with large windows, minimalist decor, and a striking art piece
Chic living space with arched windows and a geometric chandelier.
Bright, modern living room with white sofas, wooden tables, and abstract art.
Contemporary dining room with a large wooden table and plush chairs.
Modern living room with beige sofa, white walls, and art decor.
Minimalist study room with hanging chair and sleek desk setup.
Contemporary twin bedroom with teal headboards and chic decor.
Twin beds with geometric bedding in a bright, elegant bedroom.
Elegant modern bedroom with a bed, chairs, and large window with curtains.
Contemporary bedroom with textured wall, wooden headboard, and geometric ceiling fan.
Modern bedroom with textured grey wall, wall-mounted lamp, and decorative pillow.
Contemporary rooftop patio with dining and lounge areas.

About The Shephard

Welcome to The Shephard, an exquisite penthouse apartment that defines contemporary living in the heart of New York City. Designed by the renowned Interior Marketing Group, this home presents an unparalleled union of urban luxury and design sophistication.

Contemporary Elegance in The Shephard

Stepping into the grand living room, natural light floods through arched windows, highlighting the crisp, contemporary furniture that adorns the space. The seamless blend of comfort and style sets a serene backdrop for the bustling cityscape outside. A striking, modern fireplace anchors the room, promising warmth and intimacy against the metropolitan buzz.

Alfresco Luxury Living

Transitioning to the outdoors, the terrace is a green oasis. Lush plantings frame the space, where sleek, minimalist furniture offers a tranquil escape. Here, gatherings flourish beside a state-of-the-art grill, set against the vibrant skyline—a testament to the apartment’s design acumen, blending indoor elegance with outdoor allure.

A Harmonious Retreat

Each bedroom in The Shephard is a sanctuary, featuring bespoke headboards and sumptuous textiles. Muted tones and textured walls create a restful atmosphere, while carefully curated lighting adds depth and warmth. The master bedroom, with its expansive headboard and understated luxury, exemplifies modern tranquility.

The journey concludes in the dining room, where a bold table serves as the centerpiece, surrounded by plush seating. An artistic light fixture stretches above, casting a soft glow over intimate dinners and vibrant conversations. This space encapsulates the essence of The Shephard—where contemporary design meets timeless New York City elegance.

Photography courtesy of Interior Marketing Group

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- by Matt Watts