Clive and Jeanne’s House by JOMA Architecture

Clive and Jeanne’s House is an inspiring single-family house located in the UK, designed in 2015 by JOMA Architecture.

Contemporary home with contrasting brick and black cladding, large windows, and a
A modern living room with beige sofa, gray armchairs, and a circular
Contemporary open-plan living space with kitchen and dining area
Modern open-plan living room and dining area with stylish furnishings and large windows.
Contemporary open-plan kitchen and dining area with warm wood tones and pendant lighting.
Modern dining room with wooden table, white chairs, and black pendant lights.
Contemporary open-plan living space with natural wood finishes and pendant lighting.
Modern kitchen with wooden ceiling and white cabinets.
Cozy window seat with cushions, shelves, and a garden view.
Modern hallway with wooden floor, white walls, and built-in shelving.
Modern bathroom with wooden ceiling, white tiles, and dark floor.
Modern brick house with large windows and a green garden.

About Clive and Jeanne’s House

Modern Living Redefined at Clive and Jeanne’s House

Nestled in the heart of the United Kingdom, Clive and Jeanne’s House stands as a testament to modern design. Crafted by JOMA Architecture in 2015, this residence harmonizes contemporary aesthetics with the warmth of home.

A Majestic Exterior

Approaching the property, guests are greeted by a striking juxtaposition of materials. The facade, a bold mix of brickwork and dark, vertical cladding, evokes a sense of modern sophistication. Expansive glass windows invite natural light, while greenery softens the home’s sleek lines. This house, a realization of modern real estate, promises more than its exterior allure.

Stepping Inside: A Journey Through Modernity

The entrance hall whispers elegance with its clean, minimalist approach, setting the stage for the interior’s modern ethos. In the bathroom, function meets form; a floating vanity and geometric lines articulate modernity, while a wood ceiling infuses warmth. Transitioning to the corridor, built-in storage with unique cut-out handles offers a blend of utility and style, guiding you further into the home’s embrace.

The heart of Clive and Jeanne’s House beats in the kitchen. Here, a spacious layout coupled with wood accents exudes a welcoming air. Light floods in from overhead windows, casting a serene glow on the white countertops and cabinetry. Adjacent to the culinary space, the dining area beckons with its inviting wooden table and white chairs, a setting that’s both intimate and open.

In the living room, comfort reigns supreme. Plush seating arranged thoughtfully around a sleek, modern fireplace invites conversation and relaxation. High ceilings and large windows ensure an airy, expansive feel, drawing the outside in. Each room seamlessly transitions to the next, a narrative thread of modern living woven throughout.

Clive and Jeanne’s House, with its thoughtful design by JOMA Architecture, redefines the essence of a modern house, blending style, comfort, and innovation to create not just a living space, but a piece of architectural artistry.

Photography by Adam Carter

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- by Matt Watts