Doorzien House by Bijl Architecture

Located in Sydney, Australia, Doorzien House is a modern industrial residence designed in 2017 by Bijl Architecture.

Sleek kitchen with black cabinetry, white countertops, and rustic wooden floors
Modern kitchen with black cabinetry and white countertops, adjacent to a living area with
Modern living room with leather couch, glass coffee table, and city view.
Modern kitchen interior with integrated living space and a person cooking.
Sleek interior with floor-to-ceiling windows and city view.
Contemporary floating wooden staircase with integrated workspace beneath.
Contemporary hallway with skylights and glass flooring.
Modern bathroom vanity with two sinks, dark tiled wall, and large mirror.
Modern bathroom with dark tiles, two vessel sinks, and a shower area.
Modern bathroom with a freestanding tub and herringbone-patterned wall tiles
Modern two-story home extension with large windows and people in the interior space.

About Doorzien House

Nestled in the heart of Sydney, Doorzien House stands as a testament to modern industrial elegance. Designed in 2017 by Bijl Architecture, this dwelling masterfully blurs the boundaries between interior sophistication and the natural world.

Seamless Integration with Nature

The exterior of Doorzien House, a modern industrial marvel, speaks of Bijl Architecture’s deft hand. The façade, featuring a bold black exterior, sets a striking contrast against the Sydney skyline. Large, expansive windows hint at the transparency that defines the home’s philosophy – offering unobstructed views that connect its inhabitants to the outdoors.

A Symphony of Space and Light

Transitioning inside, the kitchen exemplifies a minimalist approach, with clean lines and dark cabinetry. Natural light floods in from skylights, illuminating the central island and casting shadows that play on the warm wooden floors. Each element is a note in a symphony of space and light, creating a cooking environment that is both functional and aesthetically profound.

Moving through the open-plan living space, the design invites contemplation. Here, the outdoors seamlessly merges with the interior, as large glass doors slide away, erasing any distinction between inside and outside. The stairs, an architectural statement themselves, appear to float, leading the gaze upwards to the levels beyond.

Intimate Sophistication

The bathroom spaces echo the home’s overarching theme: the fusion of strength and intimacy. Herringbone tiles line the walls, their angles catching light in a dance with the sleek, standalone tub. The en-suite bathroom extends this dialogue of form and function, pairing dark, reflective surfaces with crisp, angular fixtures, embodying Doorzien House’s enduring allure.

In every room, Doorzien House embodies a balance of private retreat and open social space. The staircase alcove, with its inviting workbench, and the living area, with its expansive views, both encapsulate the home’s dual nature: introspective yet outward-looking.

Concluding the journey, the panoramic views from the top floor affirm the home’s intent: to be a place of doorzien – transparency – where each space, each view, each moment is framed by Bijl Architecture’s visionary design. This is Doorzien House, a beacon of modern industrial design nestled in Sydney’s vibrant heart.

Photography by Katherine Lu

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- by Matt Watts