Residence G by W&Li Design

Located in Taiwan, this contemporary apartment was designed in 2017 by W&Li Design.

Residence G by W&Li Design - 1
Residence G by W&Li Design - 2
Residence G by W&Li Design - 3
Residence G by W&Li Design - 4
Residence G by W&Li Design - 5
Residence G by W&Li Design - 6
Residence G by W&Li Design - 7
Residence G by W&Li Design - 8

Description by W&Li Design

Does tranquility provided by a space necessarily comes from heavy materials and dark shades? A pure white material design for the main body soothes users’ complicated thoughts. Above the wall plaques, a large gray area is added like a colored canvas to stabilize the floating space. The seamless concrete floor matches properly with the ceiling plane, integrating the spaces of the living room, dining room, and kitchen. The blurred boundaries among regions increases the functionality and flexibility of activities held within.

The gray color of the wall extends upward vertically, converging activities from public areas to personal spaces. The compartment of the study room interacts with the public space visually via black glasses, allowing lighting to enter the bathroom. With this design, users do not feel confinement of a compressed space even if the study room is comparted.

Furniture, objects, and lights are the foreground of the canvas. They not only define the space attributes, but also exhibit their respective value as art works. Consequently, when users live in this space, their daily activities can act as brushes to finalize the beautiful painting.

Photography courtesy of W&Li Design

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- by Matt Watts