Tiburon Bay Residence by Nicolehollis

Situated in Tiburon, California, the Tiburon Bay Residence is asingle family house designed in 2016 by Nicolehollis.

Modern house with large windows, reflecting pool, and ocean view.
Modern home exterior with large glass doors and outdoor seating area.
Chic living room with large windows overlooking a serene lake.
Modern living room with dark panel wall, grey sofas, and elegant decor.
Sleek dining room with floor-to-ceiling windows and forest view.
Modern kitchen with a breakfast bar and wooden cabinetry.
Stylish staircase with wooden steps, glass balustrade, and unique ch
Modern bedroom with large windows overlooking a scenic view.

About Tiburon Bay Residence

A Hillside Gem: Integrating Art and Architecture

Nestled on a Tiburon hillside, this extraordinary property boasts panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay. Its design draws inspiration from the owners’ love for family, friends, and art. Having moved from Hong Kong, they sought a home that balanced the joys of hosting and the peace of solitude. Therefore, the residence warmly accommodates the extended family, including a special space for grandparents, alongside the nuclear family.

Worldly Elegance Meets Minimalist Design

NICOLEHOLLIS skillfully blended the clients’ global sophistication and minimalist taste with the site’s unique characteristics. This fusion captures the essence of San Francisco, the expansiveness of the bay, and Northern California’s natural beauty. The firm created a deeply personal and cohesive interior that aligns flawlessly with the architecture and landscaping.

Crafting Spaces with Personal Touches

Emphasizing material exploration, NICOLEHOLLIS developed a rich palette of finishes and custom details. This approach resulted in an expressive and unique design language marked by exceptional craftsmanship. The meticulously curated interior not only complements the architecture but also serves as a perfect backdrop for the owners’ prestigious art collection, featuring artists like Candida Hofer, Richard Misrach, and Zhang Huan.

A Showcase of Global Artistry

The home’s edited spaces are thoughtfully designed to highlight the world-class art collection it houses. Each piece, from Robert Rauschenberg to Li Song Song, finds its place within the serene and elegant interiors, enriching the living experience with cultural depth and visual interest.

In this Tiburon hillside retreat, architecture and interior design converge to create a sanctuary that celebrates family, art, and the breathtaking landscape of San Francisco Bay. This residence not only serves as a testament to NICOLEHOLLIS’s design prowess but also stands as a beacon of sophisticated living and artistic expression.

Photography by Laure Joliet

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- by Matt Watts