Guest House by Isabela Gasser

This beautiful exotic guest house was designed by Swiss architect Isabela Gasser.

Guest House by Isabela Gasser - 1
Earthy-toned bedroom with modern furniture and a patterned area rug.
A modern dining room with wooden walls, mixed-style chairs, and abstract art.
Elegant bathroom with terra-cotta walls, heart-shaped pendant lights, and modern
Modern outdoor shower with exposed lighting and shadow patterns on wall.
Rustic niche with textured walls, modern mirror and green plant accents.
Modern bathroom with exposed brick wall, sleek fixtures, and terracotta tones.
A serene corner with terracotta walls, a reflective water feature, and green

About Guest House

Welcome to the Guest House, a masterwork conceived by the visionary designer Isabella Gasser. This abode is not just a structure but a celebration of exotic design that caters to the discerning traveler seeking solace and inspiration.

Invitation to Serenity

Approach the property and you’re greeted by a facade that whispers secrets of the retreat within. Earth-toned walls encircle a reflective pool, a serene entryway that sets the tone for the sensory journey ahead.

Seamless Indoor Elegance

Inside, the living room’s soft textures and muted tones echo the calm of the exterior. A unique, open-plan shower area offers an indulgent transition from the freshness of nature to the crafted comfort of the interior.

Intimate Comforts

Delve deeper into the heart of the Guest House, and the bathroom presents a minimalist sanctuary, blending water and light in a celebration of modern design. The bedroom, intimate and plush, invites rest with its crisp linens and harmonious wooden accents.

Concluding the interior exploration, the guest house stands as a testament to the balance of function and peace—a space where creativity is nurtured by the surrounding greenery and natural light. In the Guest House, Isabella Gasser has truly composed a symphony of spaces that resonate with tranquility and beauty.

Photography courtesy of Isabela Gasser

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- by Matt Watts