Luxurious Apartment by Shenzhen Qianxun Design

Designed by Shenzhen Qianxun Design, this luxurious 3,014 sq ft apartment is located in Chengdu, China.

Description by Shenzhen Qianxun Design

Chengdu Plain has been dotted with dense and criss-crossed rivers and canals since ancient times. Chengdu, with a history of more than 2000 years, witnessed countless stories about dredging waterway and curbing floods of successive dynasties. Many ancient literati left us various extraordinary literature works on rivers in Chengdu. Luxelakes is located at the junction area between Chengdu Plain and Longquan Mountain ranges. With altitude difference of 15-20 meters, the junction area is adjacent to the bottom of a valley in the west, and runs through the north and south in coral shape.

Aiming at creating a quality living environment and integrating unique aesthetics of life into it, the designer mediated the conflicts between luxury and elegance, and combined the living concepts of high-income groups with actual needs in modern daily life, and presented the aesthetics of harmony. At first sight, the greige walls and white sofa in the living room create a cozy and tranquil atmosphere in the space, eliminating the coldness caused by metal adornments visually. The TV background wall was designed with dark gray color, making the space appear calm and grand. Meanwhile, the designer also made ingenious use of gold color in the living room, which pops into the view at times, avoiding the space being dull. The designer drew inspirations from the tolerance of water, and integrated the water-resembled color into the design. The carpet with the pattern of water waves, interspersed throw pillows, and the curtain, are all in ultramarine color, creating an elegant but also luxury atmosphere in the space. The dining room is relatively long and narrow. Considering this, the designer placed chairs that made full use of oval and curved elements around the dining table, so as to make the space look less long. Besides, the combination of Western-style kitchen and the dining area not only maximizes the utilization of space, but also enlarges the vision. The design of the master bedroom perfectly shows the beauty of tenderness. The designer chose to use furniture in light and neutral colors, which make people feel warm and cozy in the whole space. Different spaces meet distinct living demands. The two guest rooms are very different in style. One is simple, while the other was added Neo Chinese elements.

Photography courtesy of Shenzhen Qianxun Design

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- by Matt Watts

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