Baker’s Bay Residence by Cronk Duch Architecture

Baker’s Bay Residence is a luxurious beach house located on the Bahamas, designed in 2017 by Cronk Duch Architecture and Orsman Design.

Modern beach house exterior with infinity pool and wooden deck.
Modern tropical villa with large glass doors, surrounded by palm trees and a lush lawn
Modern outdoor patio with sectional sofa, wooden deck, and tropical plants.
Modern poolside with loungers, wood-paneled patio, and ocean view at
Luxury beachfront home with infinity pool at sunset.
Luxurious patio with seating, pool, and ocean view at dusk.
Luxurious patio with modern furniture overlooking an ocean sunset.

About Baker’s Bay Residence

Baker’s Bay Residence: A Contemporary Haven

Nestled in the serene Bahamas, the Baker’s Bay Residence stands as a contemporary marvel, designed by the illustrious Cronk Duch Architecture in 2017. This house, an embodiment of modern luxury, opens up to the embrace of the Bahamian sun.

Embracing the Horizon: Exterior Elegance

The home’s exterior commands attention, harmonizing with the natural surroundings. Infinity pools mirror the endless skies, while wooden overhangs whisper of timeless elegance. Lush palms sway, framing the residence, inviting exploration and relaxation.

In conclusion, Baker’s Bay Residence stands not merely as a structure but as a sanctuary, where contemporary design melds with the tranquil Bahamas landscape. Each corner of this residence tells a story, inviting the reader to imagine a life within its walls.

Photography by Michael Stavaridis

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- by Matt Watts