Residence Juno by Pialorsi

Designed by Pialorsi, Residence Juno is a contemporary single-family house located in Rivergaro, Italy.

Modern dining room with a stone wall and a white dog in the foreground.
Modern dining room with stone accent wall, hardwood floors, and minimalist decor.
Modern kitchen with bar seating and geometric wallpaper.
Modern kitchen interior with white countertops and open shelving.
Modern bedroom with patterned headboard, large window, and minimalist decor.
Modern bedroom with vintage wallpaper accent behind the bed and motion-blurred person walking.
Modern bathroom with dual vessel sinks, wooden countertop, and gray tiles.
Modern bathroom with textured walls, wooden ceiling, and hexagonal tiles.

About Residence Juno

Nestled in the serene landscape of Rivergaro, Italy, “Residence Juno” stands as a testament to contemporary design and Pialorsi’s architectural prowess. This house, conceptualized for modern living, harmonizes with its surroundings while making a distinct statement. Designed with a contemporary flair, its creation marks a significant addition to Pialorsi’s portfolio of unique homes.

A Symphony of Space and Light

Stepping inside, the expansive living area unfolds in a symphony of space and light. The heart of the house, this room boasts a signature stone wall complemented by wide-plank wooden flooring. The open plan seamlessly transitions to a state-of-the-art kitchen, where functionality meets style against a backdrop of hexagonal tiling.

Adjacent to the living space, the dining area offers a convivial atmosphere. A vintage table set against modern chairs creates an eclectic mix, reflective of the homeowner’s personality. Large windows and French doors ensure a dialogue with nature, inviting in daylight and garden views.

Intimate Interiors

The master bedroom serves as a private retreat, where a plush, velvet headboard stands against a wall adorned with ornate wallpaper. The palette of deep greens and blues evoke a sense of tranquility. Minimalist light fixtures and tasteful furnishings underscore the room’s understated elegance.

A second glance reveals a more functional angle of the bedroom, showcasing a smartly designed workspace that balances productivity and rest. Natural light filters in, offering inspiration. The adjacent balcony presents a private nook for reflection, overlooking the tranquil outdoors.

The bathroom blends contemporary fixtures with timeless design elements. A floating wooden vanity paired with twin vessel sinks exudes a zen-like calm. Large windows again invite the outside in, creating a spa-like ambience.

In contrast, another bathroom echoes the home’s historical roots. Exposed brickwork and timber beams intermingle with modern amenities, delivering a rustic charm that’s both nostalgic and luxurious.

Residence Juno, completed by Pialorsi, is more than a house; it’s a narrative of design evolution and a testament to modern living in the idyllic Italian countryside. With each room, Pialorsi crafts a story of comfort, style, and harmony, inviting you to imagine life within its walls.

Photography courtesy of Pialorsi

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- by Matt Watts