Rural Apartment by Normless

Situated in Thessaloniki, Greece, Rural Apartment is a contemporary 2,000 sq ft dwelling designed in 2017 by Normless.

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About Rural Apartment

Countryside Charm in Urban Living

This design project transforms an apartment into a countryside haven for a family of six. Each family member gets their own small, functional space. The focus is on large, shared living areas that promote family time.

A Harmonious Mix of Style and Comfort

The apartment opens into a spacious area that combines the entrance, dining, and living rooms with a kitchen. It has two bedrooms for the children, a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, three additional bathrooms, and an attic. The use of Kourasanit natural filler gives a unique, sculptural feel to the interior. The decor is in muted colors, creating a cozy vibe with textured walls and ceilings.

A private home office sits between the living and dining areas, enclosed by metal-framed glass doors. The kitchen’s grey Kourasanit-coated counters and cabinets highlight the black metal and wood details. There’s a long terrazzo table with storage for daily meals. Flooring that stretches from the entrance to the living room adds flow, with built-in benches under the windows. A two-sided sofa divides the living area. Wooden steps to the roof provide extra seating for family events.

The children’s bedrooms feature loft beds, making the most of the space. Under-stair storage adds functionality. These rooms are playful with colors and textures, using varnished plywood and Kourasanit coating. The master bedroom has a white palette with touches of brass and wood. Its bathroom is separated by a metal-framed window and has custom metal basins on a terrazzo counter.

Elegance Meets Simplicity

The light-oak floors and extensive use of Kourasanit create a feel of a chic country house. This design blends soft materials, snug corners, and large windows showcasing Thessaloniki’s scenery. It offers a peaceful, rural lifestyle right in the city.

Photography by George Sfakianakis

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- by Matt Watts