Suchita’s House by Fadd Studio

Located in India, Suchita’s House is an inspiring spacious apartment designed by Fadd Studio.

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About Suchita’s House

Captivating Entrance: A Prelude to Style

Describing this home as “tall, dark, and handsome” fits perfectly. The lobby captivates with its bold concentric rectangles of black and grey marble. Dark, enigmatic walls and a high ceiling further enhance the allure. Complementing this, charming cane furniture adds a touch of elegance. This home, bathed in a stylish, dusky beauty, belongs to a vibrant, young couple and their son. They frequently travel between Germany and India. The couple’s love for shoes, reflecting the husband’s profession as a high-end footwear maker, subtly influences the home’s design.

A Harmonious Blend of Materials

For the flooring, we skillfully combined serpaggiante marble with aged wood. This fusion creates a striking contrast between glossy luxury and rugged warmth. In the dining room, the walls feature a cement finish in charcoal. This choice fosters a chic, intimate dining experience. The living room houses a unique bar, supported by two large boot sculptures. An artist, specializing in molten tar, coal, and metal elements like nuts and bolts, crafted these pieces. The furniture throughout is selected to complement these tones. A textured olive stone partition, measuring, separates the study from the dining area. This partition provides a seamless transition to the family’s private quarters.

Sophistication in Every Detail

Enhancing the home’s sophistication, carefully curated rugs, paintings, art, and sculptures are strategically placed. Discreet use of brass elements adds a touch of richness. Meticulously planned indirect lighting and decorative lights create a constant, cozy glow. This illumination ensures a feeling of perpetual comfort in this plush, stylish space.

Photography by Meister Meister

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- by Matt Watts