Shear House by Stpmj

Shear House is a minimalist single-family house located in South Korea, designed in 2016 by Stpmj.

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About Shear House

Innovative Design of Shear House

Shear House reimagines the traditional pitched roof, enhancing both environmental quality and program organization. This house uniquely combines a typical gable end with a sliced and shifted one, creating a striking monolithic structure. As the house’s body extends, the gable at the West end shifts its position, projecting southward at the East end while preserving its triangular shape. This sheared volume dynamically responds to the sun’s orientation, extending southward.

Harmonizing with the Environment

The design smartly utilizes its orientation. The south-facing eave mitigates direct summer sunlight while welcoming winter light. This approach, along with the second-level terrace, enhances natural ventilation throughout. The double skin-facade effectively controls heat and humidity, reducing heat gain and loss by 20% in both summer and winter.

Spatial Dynamics and Interiors

The house’s northern half houses bedrooms, a bathroom, library, stairwell, and kitchen. The southern half unfolds into a sculptured, double-height living room. This space, stretching from the East to the West end, offers dynamic spatial qualities and light filtration. Despite its simple exterior, the interior delivers playful experiences with changing geometries. Rooms follow a rectangular plan but intersect with the shifted roof volume, creating walls that are triangular, parallelogram, or trapezoid in elevation. This design invites light and space to play uniquely in each room, providing a living experience that’s both dynamic and harmonious with its surroundings.

Photography by Song Yousub

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- by Matt Watts