Queens Park House by Alexander &CO.

The Queens Park house is an alteration and addition of an existing two-story semi-detached home in Sydney’s Queens Park. The home contains 4 bedrooms and a study, 3 bathrooms, laundry and indoor living and dining with an outdoor dining courtyard.

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About Queens Park House

Reviving Urban Elegance

The journey of transforming a neglected house into a sleek, modern family home begins with a tale of renewal. A young professional family acquired a home in dire need of repair, having languished for years. Their vision: to create a contemporary, elegant dwelling in a cramped urban space.

Crafting Spaciousness

Despite its modest size, the home now exudes a surprising sense of space and light. Meticulously sized rooms and detailed joinery contribute to this illusion. Furthermore, the use of large glazed skylights and sliding garden windows enhances the openness. These features, along with strategically placed views, forge a strong connection with the environment. The centerpiece, a handcrafted concrete and stucco fireplace, defines the living and dining areas. It maintains their distinctiveness while keeping them inviting and interconnected.

A Palette of Light and Shade

The material selection imparts a transient beauty to the home. Pale stone accents the benchtops and fireplace, complemented by bleached timber in the kitchen and laundry. Hand-finished stuccos adorn the walls of bathrooms and bedrooms, alongside custom concrete sinks. Solid timber flooring (with timber-lined and painted ceilings) completes the look. Contrasting this gentle scheme, the design team introduced darkened steel-framed doors and metal finishes in the tapware and fixtures, adding a bold touch.

Jeremy Bull, the Principal and Founder of Alexander &CO., remarked, “The final project beautifully mirrors the elegance of its owner. It’s a delightful, intricately detailed creation—a testament to our commitment to crafting exceptional urban family homes.”

Photography courtesy of Alexander &CO.

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- by Matt Watts