Can Durban Villa by Laurence Sonck

Can Durban Villa presents a complete transformation of an old traditional finca with a new building extension, pool etc in the heart of Ibiza by Laurence Sonck.

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About Can Durban Villa

Nestled in the sun-drenched landscape of Ibiza, Spain, the Can Durban Villa emerges as a paragon of minimalist Mediterranean design. Conceived by the visionary Laurence Sonck, this residential jewel was designed to epitomize tranquility and modern elegance. With its stark white facades and fluid outdoor-to-indoor transition, Can Durban Villa redefines the essence of contemporary island living.

The Pinnacle of Minimalist Exterior

The villa’s exterior presents a stunning tableau of geometric precision, where the purity of form meets the rustic beauty of Ibiza. Expansive glass windows and sleek lines frame the panoramic views, blurring the lines between the built and natural environments. A symphony of native trees punctuates the property, casting playful shadows on the stark white walls, while strategically placed loungers invite one to bask in the serene atmosphere.

A Beacon of Light and Space

As evening falls, Can Durban Villa transforms into a luminescent beacon. The strategic lighting design highlights architectural details and creates an inviting glow that beckons one inside. A bonsai tree, bathed in a pool of light, stands as a sentinel to the villa’s commitment to harmony and design simplicity.

Seamless Indoor Serenity

Inside, the living room welcomes with an airy openness, a hallmark of Sonck’s design ethos. The space is a canvas of white punctuated by dark wood accents and modern art, creating a dialogue between textures and tones. Functional yet artistic, the fireplace adds warmth to the minimalist decor, beckoning one to linger and embrace the villa’s peaceful ambiance.

The kitchen, a masterpiece of minimalist design, boasts state-of-the-art appliances and a sleek island that serves both as a culinary workspace and a social hub. Here, the simplicity of the design style facilitates not just the creation of meals but the creation of memories.

The bedrooms echo the villa’s design narrative, with a spartan elegance that encourages rest and rejuvenation. Each room, a private retreat, offers views of the verdant landscape, ensuring that nature’s beauty is never out of sight.

The culmination of this architectural tour is the outdoor dining area, a space where the whisper of the trees and the caress of the breeze enrich the sensory experience. This alfresco setting, with its understated elegance, encapsulates the villa’s ethos: an ode to the joy of minimalist living in a Mediterranean paradise.

Can Durban Villa, a testament to Laurence Sonck’s architectural acumen, stands as a beacon of design and serenity. Its walls tell a story of a retreat crafted not just with stone and mortar, but with light, space, and the art of minimalism.

Photography by Philip Brame

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- by Matt Watts