The Shed by Alida and Miller

Located near Lismore, NSW, Australia, The Shed is a modern retreat designed by Alida and Miller.

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About The Shed

Scandinavian Serenity at The Shed

Nestled in the hinterland of Byron Bay, The Shed is a holiday retreat that exudes calm. Alida and Miller have masterfully blended Scandinavian design with the lush surroundings of Lismore, NSW. The Shed’s bold exterior, with its steep pitches and expansive glass, commands attention while promising tranquility.

A Living Room That Breathes Inspiration

Inside, the living room awaits, its high ceilings and open space echoing the freedom outside. A plush mustard sofa anchors the room, offering a warm invitation against the stark, white walls. Each piece of furniture contributes to a narrative of comfort and style.

Culinary Chic in the Heart of The Shed

Step into the kitchen where function meets finesse. White cabinetry and a minimalist aesthetic allow the bold backsplash to shine—a touch of Alida & Miller’s signature. The central island invites guests to gather, a perfect blend of form and function.

Dream in Style: The Bedroom

The bedroom is a retreat within a retreat, where floor-to-ceiling windows frame nature’s artwork. The Scandinavian theme continues, with clean lines and understated elegance promising restful slumber. It’s a space where the outside world pauses at the threshold.

Simplicity Meets Elegance in the Bathroom

Concluding the tour, the bathroom showcases the power of restrained design. Wood and white unite to create a space that’s both airy and grounded. Here, one finds the essence of Scandinavian design—beauty in simplicity, a hallmark of The Shed.

The Shed stands as a proud example of Alida and Miller’s vision, proving that white spaces can indeed embrace color. This project invites you to experience a slice of serenity with a signature touch. For those looking to escape, The Shed in Lismore awaits.

Photography courtesy of Alida and Miller

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- by Matt Watts