Como 3 by Refined Edge Homes

Como 3 is a contemporary two-story residence located in WA, Australia, designed by Refined Edge Homes.

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About Como 3

Elegant Exteriors of Como 3

In Western Australia, a striking multi-unit development named Como 3 emerges as a testament to architectural finesse. Designed by Refined Edge Homes, this trio of townhouses showcases varied styles on a generous 1200m2 block. The initial view is breathtaking—clean lines, a sophisticated color palette, and lush landscaping coalesce, creating a street-scape in harmonious synergy.

Refined Interiors: Living, Kitchen, and Dining

Step inside to experience luxury tailored to perfection. The living areas in Como 3 blend function and form, boasting an “upside down” layout that maximizes the Australian light. The kitchen’s sleek countertops and state-of-the-art appliances are a home chef’s dream, while the dining area is a nod to modern sophistication, seamlessly connecting to outdoor spaces.

The Allure of a Well-Appointed Lounge

Transitioning from the culinary hub, the lounge presents comfort enveloped in elegance. Plush couches invite relaxation, and the strategic placement of art and decor accentuates the unique Urban style of the townhouse. It’s a space that speaks to the refined taste of those who seek a marriage of luxury and homeliness.

Tranquil Bedrooms: A Serene Retreat

The bedrooms, designed with a restful palette and sumptuous textiles, serve as tranquil retreats. Each townhouse features a serene color scheme, where comfort and style rest in unspoken agreement. The meticulous attention to detail in the finishings assures nights wrapped in serenity.

Spa-like Bathrooms for Ultimate Relaxation

The journey culminates in the bathroom, a spa-like sanctuary with deluxe fixtures and finishes. Here, one can unwind in the freestanding bathtub or rejuvenate with premium amenities, all complemented by natural light filtered through elegant shutters.

Como 3 stands as a paragon of luxury living. Each unit, now for sale, promises a lifestyle of elegance and ease, with Refined Edge Homes’ signature on every detail. For further information on these exquisite homes, please reach out to the creators of this pinnacle of residential design.

Photography courtesy of Refined Edge Homes

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- by Matt Watts