El Retiro Park Loft by Ábaton Arquitectura

Designed by Ábaton Arquitectura, this creative loft apartment is located in Madrid, Spain.

Description by Ábaton Arquitectura

The dwelling under refurbishment is situated in the very centre of Madrid, next to one of the most important cultural sites in the city, namely, the surroundings of the Retiro Park. It is a top storey flat with a terrace of 190 m2 of usable space. The project aims to recover the potential of the outdoor space and its natural lighting, since prior to refurbishment the dwelling was excessively partitioned and dark.

Given these criteria, and in order to achieve a better distribution of the property, it was decided that the spaces should be dealt with distinguishing public areas, which were now to be open and spacious, from private ones, which were to be more intimate.

Such is the way in which the flat’s public areas, as the living-room, dining-room and kitchen, have been arranged, along the main facade of the building, facing the privileged panoramic views over Madrid.

The terrace, which the previous owner had incorporated to the house, has been fully recovered and is conceived as an outdoor spatial extension of the living and dining areas. To accomplish this visual continuity between living-room and terrace, a smooth profiled joinery was used which disappears in the structure and can be fully opened and concealed behind the bathroom wall panelling, thus blending living-room and terrace into one area. The kitchen occupies a prime space in the flat and is integrated as a socialising element within the living-room area. The kitchen furniture has been made to fit and lined with oak boards. The wood’s warm, neutral colours in the kitchen elevation perfectly match the space in the living-room.

A hidden door fitted to the kitchen wardrobe allows access to the more private and intimate areas of the flat.

The sleeping area has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a laundry room. The main bedroom has an attached purpose-built changing room made in oak. In the main bathroom, the old skylight has been used to channel overhead lighting with angled planes over the shower and bath tub.

Photography by Belen Imaz

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- by Matt Watts

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