PR House by Architects Ink

PR House is a modern 3,757 sq ft beach house located in Australia, esigned in 2017 by Architects Ink.

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Description by Architects Ink

Introducing PR House: A Modern Twist on the Classic Beach Shack

PR House emerges as a stunning beachside retreat, replacing a cherished 1960’s beach shack. We used natural, durable, and low-maintenance materials to preserve the beloved ‘shack’ essence. Influenced by the original structure, the home’s simple square design pays homage to its predecessor.

Maximizing Views and Play: The Balcony Experience

A spacious balcony extends the living space, offering expansive beach vistas. It also serves as a playful upstairs haven for the kids, effectively doubling the home’s outdoor area.

Texture and Time: The Interplay of Materials

The house features timber-grained concrete walls that offer a rich textural experience, changing with the sun’s journey. Outside, timber decking and cladding soften the stark concrete, which will gradually silver with time under the sun’s caress and the rain’s touch. An oversized timber pivot door not only welcomes visitors but also ensures privacy and security when needed.

Reflecting the owners’ love for mid-century design, the interior showcases freeform sandstone and extensive oak joinery. These elements accentuate a vast collection of vintage furnishings and retro decor, creating a harmonious blend of past and present.

Photography by Sam Noonan

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- by Matt Watts