Barn Conversion by Fiona Duke Interiors

Completely redesigned by Fiona Duke Interiors, Barn Conversion project is beautiful modern barn home located in United Kingdom.

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About Barn Conversion

Modern Alchemy: The Barn Conversion

Fiona Duke Interiors transforms a rustic Essex barn into a modern sanctuary, redefining barn home elegance.

The Living Room: Rustic Meets Modernity

Entering the living room, the fusion of past and present immediately captivates. Exposed wooden beams overhead whisper the barn’s history, while sleek, modern furniture grounds the space in the present. A monochromatic palette punctuated with plush textures invites relaxation, reflecting the design ethos of Fiona Duke Interiors—timeless, yet contemporary.

Dining in Style: A Blend of Eras

Transitioning to the dining room, the narrative of old and new continues. A striking wooden table, flanked by modern chairs, serves as a testament to the barn’s transformation. Above, a golden pendant light bathes the room in a warm glow, offsetting the coolness of the grey floors.

Culinary Canvas: The Modern Kitchen

The kitchen, a vision in white, boasts clean lines and minimalist design. Here, functionality marries aesthetics, with state-of-the-art appliances nestled within sleek cabinetry. The room’s heart, a central island, invites social cooking experiences, surrounded by modern bar stools.

Staircase Vignette: Architectural Poetry

Near the staircase, the space opens up, offering a vignette of architectural poetry. A round mirror reflects the dance of light and space, while a mustard sofa provides a pop of color. The room exudes a sense of growth, as if the house itself breathes and evolves.

The Bathroom: A Modern Refuge

Finally, the bathroom. Black fixtures contrast against grey tones, creating a canvas of modern sophistication. The walk-in shower, a clear glass enclosure, amplifies the room’s spaciousness, while a wooden vanity adds warmth. This space epitomizes the barn conversion’s spirit: a peaceful retreat that honors its roots while embracing modern comfort.

In every room, the Barn Conversion by Fiona Duke Interiors in Essex stands as a beacon of modern design. It’s a home where every corner tells a story, every detail a deliberate stroke of design genius.

Photography by Anna Stathaki

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- by Matt Watts