Casa Maloja by Enrico Bellotti

Situated in Bormio, Italy, Casa Maloja is a beautiful chalet designed by Enrico Bellotti.

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About Casa Maloja

Mountain Retreat or Urban Haven?

Is it a cozy mountain retreat or a city loft? It’s a tough call. With all the hallmarks of a warm, quiet mountain home—the gabled roof, wood-lined floors and walls, and a rustic fireplace—this space transports you to the perfect getaway from everyday life.

Designing with the Roof in Mind

Upon entering, the double gabled roof immediately claims center stage. The design revolves around enhancing this feature with old spruce wood cladding, illuminating the ceiling subtly without external fixtures. Dimmable LED strips set the scene with diverse, understated lighting scenarios.

A Symphony of Wood and Iron

The wooden roof dictates the design, with old spruce defining the wall coverings and custom furniture. Iron complements balance the rustic wood, giving the space a modern edge. The fireplace, table, and kitchen, forged from iron, offer an image of elegance. The oak flooring was chosen for technical qualities, while the black-filled cracks and knots respect the project’s primary materials. Spruce wood paneling not only adds warmth but also cleverly conceals storage, maintaining a seamless visual flow.

Lying on the sofa under a blanket by the fire, one can easily imagine a forest outside, with snow-covered trees. Henry David Thoreau’s words resonate, painting a picture of a home alive with the warmth of a fireplace, a faithful companion to those who seek solace in its embrace.

Photography by Andrea Pozzi

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- by Matt Watts