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Sitting proudly on one of Melbourne’s busiest streets, interior design firm Studio 103 have converted a tired warehouse into a contemporary, collaborative hub called Design Studio. Having undergone a sleek makeover, the revitalized factory is now a buzzing workplace, capturing the attention of the local area & design industry.

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About Design Studio

Revitalizing History: The Hoddle Street Transformation

The 310 Hoddle Street gem, built as a Melbourne base for Faire Brothers & Co in the 1940s, has evolved. This historic site, once bustling with the production of haberdashery items, now stands as a creative beacon in Abbotsford.

Studio 103 and McCormack: A Symbiotic Vision

Tom Yang, Senior Interior Designer at Studio 103, saw the potential for synergy next door to McCormack Property Services. They aimed to blend Studio 103’s innovative design with McCormack’s expertise, all while preserving the building’s industrial soul.

The renovated space promotes teamwork and interaction, featuring zones for collaboration and individual focus. Restored original elements showcase the design and fit-out prowess of both firms.

Entering the building, one is struck by the grandeur of the design studio. Exposed timber trusses and floor-to-ceiling windows illuminate the space, highlighting the library’s industrial shelving against the backdrop of red brick and polished concrete.

A Modern Workspace: Functionality Meets Wellbeing

The layout includes diverse workspaces, an open kitchen, and breakout areas peppered with greenery, fostering a dynamic environment. Yang emphasizes the inclusion of a gym, underscoring their commitment to staff wellbeing and productivity.

The studio exemplifies a modern, agile workplace, balancing creativity with functionality. Staff can collaborate, focus, and unwind in a space designed for comfort and efficiency.

Yang proudly remarks on the partnership between Studio 103 and McCormack, transforming a once-tired warehouse into a hub for creativity and business growth, marking their place at the forefront of design and construction.

Photography by Jack Lovel

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- by Matt Watts