Minimal Mine by ZOOI Design

Located in Kyiv, Ukraine, Minimal Mine is an inspiring industrial apartment designed by ZOOI Design.

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About Minimal Mine

Innovative Interior Design: Merging Spaces

Pavel Voytov and Maxim Doschinsky, the creative minds from ZOOI studio, have masterfully blended two apartments into one. This new space, a fusion of a one-bedroom and a three-bedroom flat, now serves as a modern haven for a family with two children. It brims with unique design elements and ingenious solutions.

Living in Style: A Harmonious Blend of Kitchen and Living Area

The apartment’s heart is a spacious open space, seamlessly combining the kitchen and living room. This area, only divided by a large sofa, radiates a natural vibe. ZOOI designers have cleverly used decorative wall panels that mimic massive boulders. These panels, charcoal in the living room and white in the kitchen, add an earthy touch. At night, fabric XAL technical lighting from Austria casts a warm glow, enhancing the space’s ambiance.

The kitchen stands out with its storage module from the renowned Italian Minacciolo factory. Additionally, a custom shelf unit made of perforated polished copper, designed exclusively by ZOOI, adds a touch of elegance. The kitchen also features a central table and a multifunctional bar area, doubling as a cooking surface.

During the day, the minimalist living room basks in natural light from massive panoramic windows. It’s furnished with a large, comfortable sofa and a unique design piece: the “Bird’s Cage” armchair. This blue chair, shaped like a cage and fenced with a metal frame, is a ZOOI exclusive for this family’s interior.

Personalized Bedrooms: From Master to Kids

The master bedroom sets a new standard in comfort and modernity. It boasts a private bathroom with a shower (also equipped as an office and dressing room), and is adorned with unique pieces like the purple Walter Knoll armchair (Germany) and Seletti monkey-shaped lamps (Italy) near the bed. The office area features purple chairs from Bla Station (Sweden), adding a vibrant touch.

For the children, aged 5 and 7, designers Doschinsky and Voytov created two special bedrooms. Mirroring each other in design and color, these rooms include study areas with bookshelves and blackboards, climbing walls, world maps, and unique Karman wall lamps shaped like owls and deer.

The apartment also houses a modern emerald-colored guest bathroom and a laundry room, completing this family-friendly, stylish interior.

Photography by ZOOI Design

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- by Matt Watts