Open Loft by ADesign

Located in Russia, Open Loft is a contemporary apartment designed by Alexey Aladashvili of ADesign.

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About Open Loft

In the heart of Moscow, a bold experiment in urban living unfolds within the walls of ‘Open Loft’. Designed by Alexey Aladashvili of Adesign in 2017, this apartment is a testament to modern living, where space is as open as the sky above Russia’s dynamic capital.

A Unified Living Experience

The living area is a celebration of open space and light. Wide windows pull the cityscape into the room, where dark, plush sofas invite relaxation. A suspended bubble chair adds a playful touch, swinging gently in the natural light. Here, the lines between living, sleeping, and leisure blur, reflecting the modern desire for multifunctional spaces.

Culinary Chic in Compact Design

The kitchen, defined by sleek lines and minimalist aesthetics, boasts a streamlined design. Pendant lights dangle above a white countertop, where casual dining unfolds on chic bar stools. The simplicity of the layout belies its functionality, proving that in design, less can indeed be more.

Rest and Rejuvenation

The bedroom, though part of the open concept, maintains a sense of intimacy. Wooden textures bring warmth to the cool concrete overhead, and the bed, dressed in rich linens, promises restful slumber. Adjacent to it, a freestanding bathtub offers a spa-like retreat, making relaxation an art form.

In ‘Open Loft’, every detail works in harmony to create a living experience that’s both expansive and intimately personal, proving that in the right hands, small spaces can lead to grand living.

Photography by Mihail Chekalov

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- by Matt Watts