Moolap Residence by Dylan Barber Building Design

Located in Moolap, Australia, this contemporary single family house was redesigned in 2016 by Dylan Barber Building Design.


The clients of this 1990’s 5-bedroom brick home are looking to change the current layout to create a more functional house, but more importantly, to provide a living zone with solar access. The current living zone faces south!

The new living zone will have the existing pitched roof removed and replaced with a high-pitched raked ceiling, contrasting to the existing low 2.4m ceilings. This will provide a more sun filled spacious area with large glazing to the north, overlooking rural surrounds.

The existing building’s footprint will remain the same despite major internal changes. This has been designed to minimise internal demolition and keep the new wet areas near the existing plumbing locations.

Photography by Chrissie Francis

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- by Matt Watts

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