Loft 610 by Redeco

Designed in 2017 by Vismantė Tubelytė of Redeco, Loft 610 is an industrial apartment located in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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About Loft 610

Tucked in the heart of Vilnius, Lithuania, Loft 610 stands as a testament to industrial elegance. Designed in 2017 by Vismantė Tubelytė of Redeco, this apartment encapsulates a design that’s as functional as it is aesthetically compelling.

The Industrial Chic Living Room

The living room, a symphony of raw textures and modern comfort, invites guests with its plush grey sofas. White brick walls, set against the concrete ceiling, embody urban sophistication, while expansive windows frame the bustling city outside.

Kitchen and Dining: A Culinary Stage

Transitioning to the kitchen, stainless steel meets warm wood tones, creating a chef’s haven. The dining area, anchored by a round table and iconic black chairs, serves as the heart of the home where guests gather and flavors come to life.

The Bedroom: A Modern Sanctuary

The bedroom, minimalist in its essence, offers tranquility with its sleek built-in bed and muted fabrics. The white painted brick provides a texture-rich backdrop, ensuring that this space is a serene retreat from the city’s buzz.

Sleek Functionality in the Bathroom

In the bathroom, functionality meets sleek design. Black fixtures stand out against grey tiles, and the glass-enclosed shower exudes modernity. Each element in this space is meticulously curated, echoing the apartment’s industrial roots.

Loft 610 is more than just an apartment; it’s a space where industrial design is lived and breathed, offering a slice of contemporary life in Vilnius.

Photography courtesy of Redeco

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- by Matt Watts