House in Vaskivesi by Avanto Architects

Designed in 2010 by Avanto Architects, this modern wooden single-story house is located in Vaskivesi, Finland.

Description by Avanto Architects

The site is situated on a horse shoe shaped island and faces north and east. The cross like shape of this simple villa reaches towards four very different views. The space is open and defined at the same time. The exterior is treated all black and to contrast the interior is very light. Dark color makes the building disappear totally when seen from the lake. The roof is flat – there is some warm irony to the clichés of modern architecture. The building is insulated well and heated by wood only resulting in a carbon neutral building. There is no running water and the electricity is provided by the sun. Vegetables and herbs are cultivated on site and the Vaskivesi Lake is known as a good place to catch pike-perch. The simple and ascetic life at the countryside differs dramatically from the hectic city life and provides a possibility to live a life with a minimum impact to the nature.

Photography courtesy of Avanto Architects

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- by Matt Watts