Teal Ave Duplex by Luxbuilt

Teal Ave Duplex is a modern two-story residence located in Queensland, Australia, designed by Luxbuilt.

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About Teal Ave Duplex

Simple Luxury in a Cozy Townhouse

This townhouse blends easy living with a touch of luxury, all with a cool Scandinavian style. It proves that moving to a smaller space doesn’t mean giving up the good stuff.

Right in the middle, the kitchen has a long island bench that’s over 9 feet long. The dining and living areas are close by, making it great for having friends over. Plus, two big decks mean the party can spill outside easily, linking the inside with a sunny backyard.

The Heart of the Home: A Welcoming Kitchen

In the kitchen, shiny countertops and hidden pantries make it look sleek and tidy. The fancy cupboards and appliances are built-in, so everything looks neat. Soft shapes and calm colors in the kitchen make it feel laid-back and inviting.

Touch and See: Cozy Details Everywhere

The dining space has a wooden wall that feels warm and interesting. The same kind of wood goes up the stairs, tying the whole place together. Wooden floors, special tiles, and fun lights all add up to that Nordic vibe.

Dreamy Master Suite: Your Personal Chill Zone

The main bedroom has cool features like a wooden wall and big closets for all your clothes. It also has a spot to get dressed up and lights around the mirror to make it feel fancy. Soft carpets and nice lights turn this room into a real treat.

The bathroom next door is just as nice and goes right along with the bedroom’s chill feel. It’s got smooth, round sinks and mirrors that make you feel calm.

A Bright Bathroom with Smart Touches

We picked big, rough tiles for the bathroom because they look and feel nice. Hidden lights make the tiles stand out, and a big window in the shower lets in lots of light. The shower has a special shelf with its own light for a soft glow at night.

The shower doors curve to match the rest of the house, and there are three towel racks to keep things looking neat. But it’s not just about what you can see. The warm floors and hidden plugs in the cabinets show that a lot of thought went into making this space not just pretty but really useful too.

Photography courtesy of Luxbuilt

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- by Matt Watts