California Modern by Tocha Project

California Modern is a modern two-story residence located in California, designed in 2017 by Tocha Project.

Sleek modern home with clean lines, large windows, and lush landscaping.
Modernist living space with marble walls, sleek furnishings, and sculptural decor.
Stunning modern interior with large windows, plush seating, and a sleek billiards table.
Spacious lounge with sculptural furniture, marble walls, and a modern glass-topped coffee table.
A spacious, luxuriously appointed walk-in closet with sleek wooden shelving and cabinets.
Spacious bedroom with a large, tufted bed, plush chairs, and floor-to-ceiling windows offering a scenic view.
Spacious contemporary bathroom with sleek marble surfaces, cozy chair, and glass doors overlooking nature.
Elegant modern architecture with water feature, clean lines, and natural materials.
Outdoor pool area with modern seating, fire pit, and lush greenery surrounding.

About California Modern

Welcome to “California Modern,” a premier two-story house designed by Tocha Project, radiating modern elegance in the heart of California. Completed in 2017, this home stands as a showcase of cutting-edge design and architectural intelligence.

Modern Living Redefined

The exterior of “California Modern” makes a striking first impression with its clean lines and expansive glass panels. White overhangs contrast with the dark textures, creating a visual balance that complements the California skies. The approach to the house features a lush, green lawn and a pathway that invites you in, leading to a grand entrance that promises modern luxury.

Stepping inside, the living room greets visitors with floor-to-ceiling windows that pull the outdoors in. Minimalist furnishings allow the view to take center stage, while a neutral palette echoes the external simplicity.

Sleek Comfort

Transitioning to the private quarters, the master bedroom combines comfort with style. A large bed anchors the room, flanked by plush seating and a view that connects you to nature. It’s a retreat that prioritizes restful experiences without sacrificing sophistication.

Adjacent to the bedroom, the bathroom continues the theme of refined luxury. Here, a soaking tub sits encased in marble, offering a space to rejuvenate. Natural light filters in, enhancing the clean, modern lines of the vanity and fixtures.

Entertaining in Style

The entertainment room showcases a deep, textured sofa that faces a backlit onyx wall, creating a focal point for social gatherings. The open-plan layout ensures that this room is not just for show but a hub of daily life and entertaining.

“California Modern” is more than a house—it’s a statement of modern living that embraces clarity, light, and the art of design. Tocha Project has delivered a space that is both visually stunning and perfectly attuned to the California lifestyle.

Photography courtesy of Tocha Project

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- by Matt Watts