In’s Cafe by Ris Interior Design

Designed in 2017 by Ris Interior Design, In’s Cafe is an inspiring café located in Taichung city, Taiwan.

A cozy, rustic kitchen with dark wood cabinets, pendant lights, and stylish bar stools.
Stylish industrial-chic kitchen with dark walls, geometric tile backsplash, and wooden furnishings.
Elegant dining area with ornate chandelier, black wooden furniture, and glass walls offering garden views.
A cozy cafe interior with wooden beams, chandeliers, and a lush green living wall.
A modern greenhouse-style dining room with sleek black furniture, chandeliers, and lush greenery.
Elegant dining room with ornate chandelier, large windows, and wooden furnishings.
An elegant dining room with a rustic, industrial design featuring chandelier lighting and wooden accents.
Elegant dark-toned dining space with metal-framed windows, wooden accents, and a commanding chandelier.
Charming cafe exterior with floral mural, wooden accents, and lush greenery.
Charming cafe entrance with elegant blue facade, stone steps, and decorative lighting.

About In’s Cafe

In’s Cafe, a 2017 redesign by Ris Interior Design, stands proudly in Taichung city, Taiwan. Formerly a residential garage, it now serves as a coffee haven that blends indoor comfort with the allure of a greenhouse courtyard.

A Fresh Facade

Upon approach, In’s Cafe greets visitors with a striking teal exterior. Detailed moulding posts create a sophisticated entrance. The front yard, designed to offer unobstructed views through colonial window grids, invites guests into a space where modernity meets tradition.

A Welcoming Interior

Crossing the threshold, the scent of coffee and sight of antique solid wood kitchen elements capture the senses. Here, one finds themselves surrounded by distressed tin tiles that evoke a sense of history, making each visit a uniquely nostalgic experience.

Harmonious Contrast

Moving further in, the cafe unfolds into a greenhouse dining area where natural light floods through a transparent ceiling. The green wall, adjacent to the pine fence, carries the freshness of a garden indoors, complementing the warm wooden tones of the furniture.

Each space in In’s Cafe, from the facade to the greenhouse courtyard, tells a story of thoughtful transformation. It’s a place where the coffee, the company, and the surroundings come together to create a delightful pause in the day.

Photography by Hey!cheese

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- by Matt Watts