10° Home by TOWOdesign

10° Home is an inspiring 430 sq ft apartment completely redesigned in 2018 by TOWOdesign located in Shanghai, China.

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About 10° Home

Making the Most of Small Spaces

TOWOdesign has a knack for adding value to small spaces. They use easy rules to make places feel bigger and work better. In the busy heart of Shanghai, they showed this skill by turning a small area by 10 degrees to make it feel larger.

The space was tiny, only 40 square meters (around 430 square feet). Yet, it needed spots for daily life, storage, work, fun, and more. To make the most of it, TOWOdesign came up with “function boxes” for daily tasks. By smartly placing them, they made new areas to use in between. Now, the apartment flows better. At the center of this flow, a yellow kitchen cabinet stands out. This new setup makes the space feel open and bigger.

Smart Design Changes

But, fitting these boxes in such a tight space was tricky. One box, meant for fun, blocked the view and flow. To fix this, TOWOdesign turned all boxes by 10 degrees. This twist solved the problem and also created fun overlaps. For example, next to a rest box, they made space for stairs with hidden storage. It’s handy and saves space. In the living room, a triangle-shaped light adds a cozy feel.

Storage was a big deal in such a small place. So, TOWOdesign made lots of storage spots. They added hidden, sliding, and open storage throughout. Also, an open kitchen, a table that folds, and hidden bathrooms make the best use of space.

Using Mirrors Wisely

Mirrors can make places feel larger. But in China, it’s bad luck to see oneself in bed through a mirror. Big mirrors can also make a room feel less cozy. So, TOWOdesign placed mirrors carefully. They make the room feel big but avoid causing problems.

Some old parts of the building, like walls and pillars, were kept. They add charm and show the building’s history. These old bits also hint at the 10-degree turn, adding a fun twist. By mixing the old with smart new designs, TOWOdesign made a small space feel big and useful.

Photography courtesy of TOWOdesign

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- by Matt Watts