Son Paraiba by Terraza Balear

This functional elegant oasis located in Palma, Mallorca (Spain) has been redesigned in 2018 by Terraza Balear.


Located in Son Vida/Palma, the Son Paraiba project allowed us to transform a 160-square-meter private family home into a functional, elegant oasis. A palette of harmonic colors — beige, sand, grey — with hints of serene blues and greens, and natural materials like wood and stone, create a bright and light atmosphere throughout the estate.

Enter the home to a stunning wall of globe pendant lights, indicative of the magic ahead. The living room provides the quintessential experience of relaxation with quality upholstery, a beautifully distressed wood coffee table and soothing tabletop decor, complemented with breathtaking views and natural light. The dining room mixes organic materials and textures with sophisticated, contemporary silhouettes for an authentically soft yet elegant approach, and an artful pendant light centerpiece steals the eye. The dining room is open to the kitchen to enable quality family time, as enjoying a good meal together around the table is very important for these homeowners.

A spacious master bedroom is designed for ultimate comfort with a cozy yet refined bed and accessories that create an enveloping atmosphere. A stunning indoor pool, like a temple in the center of the home, allows the homeowners to relax and enhance their wellbeing.

The property’s impressive 200-square-meter outdoor space, featuring a pool area and a lounge area, combines versatile seating elements and easily configurable tables to create several intimate moments. Picturesque landscaping adds to the appeal, all allowing the family to gather outside and create memories.

At Terazza Balear, all elements of our projects speak the same language for a cohesive and emotionally rewarding approach. Son Paraiba’s softness is all-consuming, and its innate simplicity promotes a high-quality, family-oriented life for the homeowners — tranquillity at its finest.

Photography courtesy of Terraza Balear

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- by Matt Watts

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