Little Beach House by Soho House

Set in a 1950s building in the village of Garraf, Little Beach House Barcelona is a private members’ club on the Mediterranean beachfront, boasting 17 rooms, a bar, a restaurant, a rooftop, an outdoor Cowshed Spa, sun loungers and oper air activities.

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About Little Beach House

Soho House’s Beachfront Expansion in Barcelona

After captivating Barcelona in 2016 with Soho House Barcelona, the British brand subsequently strengthens its foothold. Now, introducing Little Beach House Barcelona: an enclave of seaside luxury where exclusivity, artful design, and discretion meld seamlessly. Consistently staying true to Soho House & Co’s ethos, they’ve transformed the historic Hotel Quim into this enchanting retreat. Located beside Garraf’s iconic beach huts, it lies a stone’s throw from Sitges and a mere 20km (about 12.4 miles) from Barcelona.

A Nostalgic Marine Infusion

Determined to preserve the building’s 1950s essence, Soho House’s design squad firstly employed a wealth of local materials. Think rattan, wood, hessian, ceramics, and tiles. As a result, each corner brims with marine undertones. Notably, drawing inspiration from Spain, Catalonia, and the vibrant Garraf beach huts, the design distinctly showcases a striking green-and-white exterior. Furthermore, 17 uniquely crafted rooms span two floors. They vary from cozy corners to a lavish duplex beach studio, each boasting features like wooden beams, sunbeds, and a terrace bathtub.

Red-and-white triangular tiles grace the floors. Additionally, bespoke rugs, Barcelona-crafted lamps, and tapestries by artist Maryanne Moodie adorn each space. And, most offer a mesmerizing sea view. On the other hand, outdoors and in, the eatery stands out with its verdant terrace and a wooden bar mirroring 1950s designs. Also, vintage sofas, armchairs, and an open-concept kitchen elevate the experience. The kitchen itself particularly showcases a wood-burning oven, a daily catch display, and tables echoing Hotel Quim’s original designs.

The Heart of Little Beach House

Central to the dining area, a welcoming fireplace stands encircled by plush armchairs and lush greenery. To the right, a winding staircase beckons, leading to a rooftop vista. From there, the azure sea meets Garraf’s verdant hills, painting a perfect panorama.

Photography courtesy of Soho House

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- by Matt Watts