Beachfront Villa by Potiropoulos+Partners

Designed by Potiropoulos+Partners, this luxury beachfront villa is situated in Messinia, Greece.


Located in Messinia, the private residence opens itself to the panorama of the sea, adjacent to the boundary of the beach, from which its compositional “idea” has been derived. In the design, organizational zoning was attempted- vaguely reminiscent of the wooden pier- which gathers all the internal and external activities. The “disguises” of the element of water that unfolds on the horizon, that largely depend on changes of time and season, establish a set of visual relationships between the building and the landscape while becoming the main factor that affects the spatial experience of the user. The villa thus becomes a mediator between the user and the “Place” and evolves into a narrative field on which different investigative flows intersect.

The residence was designed for Navarino Residences architectural competition. Navarino Residences is a collection of luxury villas for private ownership at the heart of Navarino Dunes resort at Costa Navarino, the prime sustainable destination in the Mediterranean. Boasting breathtaking sea views, and state-of-the-art facilities and services next to an intimate connection with history and nature, Navarino Residences is a unique residential community committed to sustainability and everyday life quality.

Photography courtesy of Potiropoulos+Partners

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- by Matt Watts

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