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Binario F is a beautiful office space designed by CBRE for Binario F / Facebook is located in Rome, Italy.

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About Binario F

Facebook’s Pioneering Italian Venture: Binario F

In Italy, innovation springs forth from Binario F, Facebook’s epicenter for nurturing and advancing digital talents. Specifically designed for collaboration and idea sharing, this venue beautifully captures CBRE’s digital vision. Moreover, its interiors are artfully curated in collaboration with Archiproducts. This network, importantly, didn’t just offer insights but actively managed orders and supplied all the furnishings for the Hub’s extension. Celebrated with an inauguration on June 25, this hub now thrives within LVenture Group and LUISS EnLabs, conveniently located at Rome’s Termini Station.

Binario F, spread across a spacious 800 sq.m. (8,611 sq.ft.), unfolds over two floors. Within its confines, you’ll find dedicated training rooms, workspaces, and zones tailored for relaxation and networking. Furthermore, an inviting outdoor space augments its allure. As of now, this structure represents Facebook’s boldest Italian investment. And, as Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO, articulates, it’s impressively expanded, becoming “five times larger” in just seven short months.

A Mission to Digitally Upskill Italy

This ambitious endeavor has a clear objective: to hone the digital prowess of nearly 97,000 individuals by 2019’s end. In this journey, Archiproducts has been a staunch ally. Not only did they offer invaluable design advice, but they also guided product selection. Consequently, their influence touches upon 17 distinctive brands, amassing a total of 270 diverse products. Everything, from tables to luminaires, bears their discerning touch. Additionally, Archiproducts’ adept team seamlessly handled logistics and assembly coordination.

Championing Digital Competence and Community

Facebook’s digital school is undeniably a monumental stride in Italy, a nation with an impressive tally of Facebook group participants (a staggering 27 million, to be precise). Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that Rome became the pioneering city for this project. Beyond just championing digital literacy, this endeavor also shines a spotlight on the unparalleled significance of communities, both online and offline.

Photography courtesy of CBRE

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- by Matt Watts