An Urban Retreat by Lukstudio

Urban Retreat recently designed by Lukstudio, is a creative showroom located in Shanghai, China.

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About Urban Retreat

EMME: A Symphony of Textile and Architectural Excellence

Undeniably, EMME showcases a collection of luxurious cashmere, silk, and other distinguished textiles. Strategically placed at Columbia Circle, this rejuvenated hub is now a beacon of commerce and culture. Within its historical and industrial milieu, the boutique stands distinctively. Not only is it a concealed gem, but it also harmoniously coalesces with nature, embodying EMME’s dedication to refined quality.

Crafting the Secluded Gem

Situated at a slight remove, the retail space graces building no. 21’s ground floor. Initially seen as a limitation, Lukstudio viewed it as latent potential. Thus, they fashioned an architectural promenade, adding a verandah that envelops a simplistic front yard. Consequently, first impressions of the storefront radiate serenity. Using a blend of concrete panels with wood grain imprints and wooden slats, they achieved a facade where one element conceals, and the other reveals. Furthermore, as visitors step through, their movement animates this semi-transparent facade, generating a captivating visual flow.

Transitioning inside, there’s a deliberate blur between the interior and exterior, thus infusing nature’s essence. Externally, a concrete texture is continued seamlessly indoors, thereby merging the two entrance spaces. Moreover, on sunny days, sliding doors integrate the yard with the store, creating a cohesive space. Additionally, the theme of nature deepens through material selection and nuanced lighting. A natural palette of stone, wood, and polished concrete, together with diffused sunlight, complements the showcased cashmere, thereby crafting a warm, inviting ambiance.

Retail Space or Homely Echo?

While the design primarily caters to retail, it intriguingly mirrors the warmth of a home. Upon entry, visitors find themselves in a parlor, anchored by plinths and flanked by a sunroom. Adjacent to this, a pristine stone-clad cube beckons, reminiscent of an open wardrobe. Beyond this, a cozy nook affords serene courtyard views. Importantly, this multifaceted design allows for evolving displays of art, fashion, and decor each season. Also, mirrors, strategically placed, augment spatial continuity and reflect the external world, ensuring each visit offers a renewed experience influenced by time, ambiance, and curated collections.

Dusk’s Serenity to Night’s Luminescence

As daylight wanes, the store’s introspective character transforms, illuminating with ethereal beauty. Significantly, the verandah, marking time’s passage, becomes a beacon of light. Either drawing in curious onlookers or signaling it’s time for guests to depart, its presence is compelling. Especially in bustling urban backdrops, such a retail haven promoting tranquility and connection with nature stands apart. Hence, Lukstudio hopes these fleeting moments of elegance will resonate deeply, inspiring all who seek solace in this metropolitan retreat.

Photography courtesy of Lukstudio

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- by Matt Watts