Taipa Island House by Millimeter Interior Design Limited

This 11,000 square-feet house is located on Taipa Island in the Southern side of Macau. It has recently designed by Millimeter Interior Design Limited.


The owners live with one elderly and three children. Understanding the needs of the owners, the designer transformed the space into a more practical and suitable home for the family to settle in.

Functionally, the designer relocated the staircase in the living area in order to create an effective and spacious living space for its owners. Apart from expanding the living area, the designer also designed two bedrooms for two sons, two sizable ensuite bedrooms for daughter and grandmother. A full level for a master ensuite bedroom, with an open roof top sitting area as a sky garden with a spectacular sea view, a spacious walk-in closet, and stereo room. The designer purposely designed a study room in the basement for their three children. The study room is connected to the garden, but the full height wall in the existing garden has blocked all the natural sunlight and cannot reach into the basement. The designer demolished the wall and created an artistic staircase to link up the split garden, thus, allowing the sunlight to go into the reading room. The other side of the basement is a wine cellar which can store more than 500 bottles.

Conceptually, the designer used geometry form as main design concept. The rectangular shape exterior in contrast with the curved lines used in interior area, creates an energetic movement through out the entire house. The whole house uses natural materials, veneer and marble for the walls and floor and a decorative green wall to embellish the home to create a natural ambience.

Photography courtesy of Millimeter Interior Design Limited

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- by Matt Watts

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