SoHo Loft by Studiolav

SoHo Loft is an inspiring loft apartment located in SoHo, New York, recently designed by Studiolav.

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About SoHo Loft

Global Citizens Crafting Local Havens

We, as global citizens, embrace the world as home, cherishing our roots while seeking new cultural ties. Drawn to new experiences, these multicultural souls yearn for habitats reflecting their diverse personas. The SoHo loft in Manhattan, New York, became our canvas after meeting its vibrant owners. Their multifaceted backgrounds inspired a design catering to eclectic tastes.

One key requirement? A space for social events hosting 10 to 15 guests. We designed the main social spaces, the living and dining areas, to foster interaction. These areas blend comfort and style, ensuring guests feel welcomed.

Tailoring Spaces for Function and Relaxation

The loft needed a seamless workspace. We carved out a tranquil home office, ensuring it meshed with the open floor plan. Beside this station, a cozy study nook beckons with a plush armchair, velvety curtain backdrop, and a bookcase.

Responding to daily needs, we revamped the kitchen island, adding storage and seating. We opted for a discreet white palette, ensuring functionality without overshadowing the loft’s character. An entrance cloakroom now offers temporary storage, catering to both residents and guests. Satellite breakout zones in the main living area introduce cozy corners with select furnishings. These pieces, flexible in nature, accommodate larger gatherings when needed.

Blending Contemporary Design with Personal Touches

Sculptural lighting stands out in the primary space, illuminating the eclectic interiors of this metropolitan haven. Bedrooms and corridors showcase a more subdued design, promoting relaxation. Ultimately, our project delivers a luxurious contemporary space that’s both inviting and functional. Every choice, from furniture to finishes, not only accentuates the owners’ art collection but also champions their dynamic personalities. The balance struck between existing elements and new additions crafts a space that’s both curated and deeply personal.

Photography by Dlux Creative

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- by Matt Watts