Warrandyte Residence by Unios

Warrandyte Residence is an inspiring contemporary residence situated in the tranquil suburb of Warrandyte, Australia.

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About Warrandyte Residence

Discover Warrandyte: A Tranquil Haven Near Melbourne

Just 24 km (14.9 miles) northeast of Melbourne’s CBD lies the peaceful suburb of Warrandyte. Nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes, a newly-erected, modern country-style abode brilliantly features a range of Unios products.

A Vision Illuminated: Lights & Tracks Take Center Stage

Lights & Tracks didn’t just supply—they masterfully designed the lighting concept for this residence. They adeptly integrated downlights, track lights, and strip lighting to illuminate this magnificent home.

First Impressions Matter: The Zeron Mini’s Exterior Brilliance

As you enter, the Zeron Mini immediately captures attention, turning this residence into a radiant spectacle as dusk approaches.

Innovative Techniques for Open-Plan Living

Inside, the open-plan living space reveals the Axis Track Light’s unique application. By rotating its lens head, it casts a uniformly diffused light over triangular raking ceilings. This savvy approach accentuates the home’s distinctive architecture, all while offering modern and purposeful illumination.

Bathroom Elegance: Precision and Poise

The Cluster Inground Uplight projects a crisp beam in the bathroom, accentuating marble walls. Paired with its honeycomb lens, it gracefully uplifts the space. Positioned above the mirror, the Eclipse Strip Light ensures a balanced white light dispersion, eliminating unsightly shadows.

Kitchen Craftsmanship: The Versatility of Downlights

In the kitchen, the Switch Downlight Series casts directional light. Ingeniously designed, the Switch can transform from a sleek semi-recessed downlight to an adjustable spotlight. Furthermore, its directional beam accentuates artwork in various living areas. Meanwhile, the Titanium G2 Downlight disperses broader light across the dwelling.

Unios Luminaires: A Testament to Versatility

The Warrandyte residence demonstrates the unmatched versatility of Unios luminaires in contemporary home design.

Photography courtesy of Unios

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- by Matt Watts