House in Mas Nou by 05 Am Arquitectura

This amazing sea-front villa located in Girona, Spain, has been designed in 2018 by 05 Am Arquitectura.


Aimed at finding the best orientation towards the surrounding landscape, the house spins its main body until reaching a perpendicular position towards the hill providing the impression that the house is floating over it.

The interior areas in the ground floor are defined by four structural walls that twist against the slope and that are finally enclosed through four meter floor-to-ceiling glazing openings. The structural walls in the inner spaces have varying lengths and heights, which increase progressively in line with the space distribution. As a consequence of the design, the architecture embraces a zigzag pattern along the space allowing the environment to spread into the rooms.

In terms of room allocation and circulation, the floor is composed of well-defined spaces that work both spatially and functionally, providing privacy and a sense of self-contained space to the rooms. At the same time, the project achieves the perception of a single space design along the house.

The one-piece trapezoidal roof extends to the rear façade, creating exterior porches that are ideal to protect the house from direct sunlight and rain. The roof, which is made of bamboo sticks, is clearly one of the main statements of the residence architecture since it is present in both the interior ceiling and the exterior window coverings. The use of this material provides an organic look and feel that merges into the outdoor surroundings, which is precisely what the architecture seeks to promote.

The house is placed by the southern edge of the parcel releasing a wide flat space for the garden and the swimming pool area, which frame the best picture of the Costa Brava landscape surrounding the house.

These outdoor extensions merge with the paved platforms on top of the lowest floor’s ceiling, which is placed in line with the level lines ensuring a perfect contact with the ground.

Photography courtesy of 05 Am Arquitectura

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- by Matt Watts

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