House Aperture by Alexis Dornier

Aperture House (Ocean View 5) located on the Indonesian island of Bali has been recently designed by Alexis Dornier in collaboration with Tim Russo.


This is a meticulously hand crafted 3 story tower consisting of two bedrooms, private garden, deck and pool area. It is situated on a sloping plot amidst the breathtaking western cliffside of Uluwatu, Bali. While the top bedroom offers a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean, the middle floor serves as the living room, which opens up to a small pool and outside lounge area. The lower bedroom is an intimate stone cladded space, surrounded by tropical green foliage. The structure is made of carefully selected reused teak and ironwood, glass, steel elements and local limestone. The façade consists of movable vertically slatted screens that filter and soften the piercing tropical sunlight, enabling the external shading of the large glass elements that can be opened on all four sides of the building, which changes the buildings appearance. The rooms house a small collection of vintage black & white photography by Dick Hoole, legendary surf photographer.

Photography by kie

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- by Matt Watts

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