Apartment in Saratov by Albert Bagdasaryan

Designed for a young man by Albert Bagdasaryan, this inspiring apartment is located in Saratov, Russia.


The interior of the apartment in the central district of Saratov for a successful young man. A customer from a generation of young and motivated, deeply involved in digital technology. A young, active bachelor who works hard (his business in the IT field), travels a lot. He gave complete freedom of action and trusted our team and we can say “disappeared” and calmly waiting for the completion of the project.
By functionality – combined kitchen, living room, isolated bedroom and bathroom. The bedroom was not ordinary due to the features of the layout – it has two entrances along the edges of the bed. A big plus of the apartment is that the windows face three sides, due to this there is a lot of natural light in it.

The interior is dominated by dark colors of cold shades, which are consistent with a large number of concrete surfaces. The emphasis on textures plays an important role throughout the interior. Wooden decorative panels, which are visible from different corners of the apartment – warm light and wood give such a cool and dark interior comfort.

Photography courtesy of Albert Bagdasaryan

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- by Matt Watts

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