Konohana House by Suite Plus

This minimalist home located in Osaka, Japan, has been recently designed by Suite Plus.


This project was for a house located in the corner of a densely populated area with various houses of different age, height, frontage, and color.

The site is at the corner of a road with heavy traffic day and night despite its narrowness, and the adjacent house is built so close together, nearly touching the site boundary. Considering the noise and privacy, it was inevitable to adopt a structure that is closed to the surrounding environment. Therefore, the challenge was to prevent the room from having a locked-up feeling and to incorporate the natural environment.

The house is provided with exterior space such as the backyard and the terrace only open to the sky and a semi-outdoor space with skylight. These areas were interweaved with the interior containing various residential functions by connecting or closing off the four sides, giving the interior space an airy feel with the light and airflow reaching every corner of the house, and an openness in many directions with no dead end.

The closed appearance and the monotone color scheme that may seem too inorganic was softened by partly using vibrant colors and materials that have natural texture, to maintain the overall cool impression yet with a warm feel that embraces the life going on inside.

Photography courtesy of Suite Plus

- by Matt Watts

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