Four Textures by Denys Bondarenko

Four Textures is an amazing industrial apartment located in the Ukrainian city of Kharkov recently designed by Denys Bondarenko.

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About Four Textures

A Dive into Dynamic Design: Where Boldness Meets Function

Our first meeting with the client set the stage. His travels, an affinity for the grunge aesthetic, and his tech-savvy background promised a unique project. So, we rolled up our sleeves and embarked on this creative journey.

Handpicking Elements for Authenticity

We restricted our choices to four raw materials: bricks, concrete, metal, and wood. Likewise, we kept our palette to terracotta, white, gray, and black. Together with the client, we handpicked designer items and furniture to bring our vision to life.

Tackling Design Challenges Head-On

The 2.6-meter (8.53 feet) ceilings posed our first challenge. Instead of a conventional approach, we embraced the exposed concrete and wiring. This decision preserved ceiling height and introduced an industrial edge.

A scarcity of natural light was next. With windows facing north and a looming neighboring building, we had to innovate. We removed the balcony partition, lowered window sills, and fashioned new openings to an insulated enclosed balcony. This space transformed into a snug office, framed by metal, offering another distinct design element.

Kitchen: Where Vintage Meets Vogue

We ditched the idea of a conventional kitchen. A suspended bar counter emerged from worn yet tactile wood, surrounded by metal mesh. Metal extended to the kitchen furniture and even concealed the air extraction system. This approach to decor became our design signature.

Functional Flourishes at Every Turn

Near the entrance, we featured a terracotta-bricked air closet. Right by the door, a pouf offers convenience, and above, a mesh hangs, awaiting coats and jackets. Below, shoes find their home.

Bathroom Brilliance

In the bathroom, we retained our core style. Two washbasins, as per the client’s wish, stood out. Our expertise ensured even, flattering lighting from well-placed lamp suspensions.

The Bedroom’s Understated Elegance

The bedroom showcased a floating bed and a functional Flos sconce. Overhead, decorative lighting highlighted brick textures, complementing the bed’s ethereal aesthetic.

A Home Where Heart Resides

While metal elements add a rugged charm, the apartment’s wood parquet, cozy wooden textures, and varied lighting sources evoke warmth. Ultimately, it’s a sanctuary one yearns to return to.

Photography courtesy of Denys Bondarenko

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- by Matt Watts