Monte House by TACO

Monte House or Casa de Monte is a compact vacation home designed for a couple of young adults, immersed in the wild landscape of southeastern Mexico.

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About Monte House

Creating a Reflective Sanctuary

Our goal was simple: craft a space that encourages reflection while connecting occupants to the raw beauty of nature. Aiming for intuitive living, we combined functionality with unmatched spatial warmth.

Strategic Location and Orientation

We strategically positioned the building at the property’s rear to ensure privacy and mitigate noise. Additionally, it’s oriented to harness sunlight and prevailing winds, ensuring optimal indoor comfort.

Elevated Design Choices

Built on a raised platform, the structure minimizes the risk of unwanted animal intrusion. Furthermore, this elevation simplified pool construction on the rocky terrain where digging proved challenging. The pool sits nestled under a pre-existing tree and extends to a spacious terrace, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living.

Maximizing Interior Spaces

The expansive double-height social area incorporates a cozy kitchenette and a welcoming living room. From here, a staircase ascends to a mezzanine bedroom. Below this, a storage closet and bathroom with an open-air shower await discovery. Directly outside, a staircase spirals upwards to the main entrance. The base platform discreetly houses both a warehouse and machinery room. All indoor areas span a concise 42 sqm (452 sqft).

Contrasting Volumetric Design

Boasting orthogonal shapes, the contrasting materials stand out. The structure dons a rugged stucco finish, paired with an artisanal paint crafted from lime and mineral pigments. The meticulously crafted cedar wood doors, complete with operable louvers, empower occupants to regulate their connection with the outside.

Handcrafted Interior Details

The interiors spotlight design pieces in earthy tones, each echoing the spirit of handcrafted workmanship. Despite the curated details, the surrounding landscape remains unaltered, letting the natural, rocky foundation of the building shine.

Photography by Leo Espinosa

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- by Matt Watts