R&V II by White Houses

This modern single-family villa on 4 floors located in the beautiful coastal Spanish village Cambrils in Costa Dorada, has been designed by White Houses.

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This project has been developed, designed and built by White Houses Costa Dorada’s team through a long and creative process in collaboration with the interior designer Susanna Cots, to obtain the perfect combination of modern architecture and comfortable living.
The style of this villa combines modern white and black lines with traditional colours and materials like natural stone and natural oak wood in order to find a soft harmony between modernity and natural life. The collaboration between White Houses’ team and the interior designer Susanna Cots gave the perfect shape to this project.

The constant presence of wide glass openings, natural wood, black metal, concrete and natural stone melt with the environment and the stunning sandy beach just 200 meters away giving the house an elegant and hushed atmosphere.

The main facade overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and the back façade offers an emblematic opening through a huge wall made of natural stones and a never-ending slatted wooden main door.

Interior design is inspired to natural living, simplicity and modern fresh air, together with bright colours and the constant presence of light. The result is a serene home.

The leitmotif of the project is the continuous search of balance between the straight lines of the exterior architecture and soft interior atmosphere: the wooden slats combine with white surfaces and black metallic finishing all over the house. As a result, the subtle feeling of peace finds its place though the space created by the combination of contrasting materials and the passage of natural light.

The Italian finishing and materials employed find their place in spacious, bright rooms.

The architectural strategy has been studied to achieve a suggestive effect and soft ambience that is shared from all interior angles of the house.

Photography by Eugeni Pons

Visti White Houses

- by Matt Watts