Yust Antwerp by Polo Architects

Inspiring urban apartments / hotel located in Antwerp, Belgium, recently completed by Polo Architects.

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The past few decennia demographic changes have resulted in a growing group of young people searching for affordable, flexible living in the city so they can explore before they possibly decide to settle down. Densification and uncompromising accommodations result in cities that lack the possibilities to meet their needs.


After thorough research POLO Architects has responded to these changing living requirements by designing YUST – Young Urban Style. The project is an innovative and unprecedented residential development that offers its residents exactly what they need: affordable flexibility, private living, and community facilities while living in an vibrant neighbourhood in the city.

The innovative concept offers a wide range of accommodations due to the combination of hotel and apartments in addition to unique formulas for short and long-time stays. Community functions include a restaurant, rooftop terrace, co-working location, and pop-up spaces.


Instead of opting for a compulsory restoration of the pre-existing telephone factory, the building was redesigned in a modern, yet historically respectful way to facilitate its transition into the 21st century. To do so, a new aluminium superstructure, inspired by the industrial heritage of the early 20th century, was created on top of the building.

Trapezium shaped panels prompt a remarkable interplay of light and shadow and create a playful rhythm that contrasts the pre-existing substructure yet re-uses some its themes such as its vertical bays, the repetition of the joinery and the rational construction. The façade expresses the grid of the studios it encloses and the new volume matches the surrounding buildings height-wise.

Photography courtesy of YUST

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- by Matt Watts