Yust Antwerp by Polo Architects

Yust Antwerp is an inspiring urban apartments / hotel located in Antwerp, Belgium, recently completed by Polo Architects.

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About Yust Antwerp

The Rise of Urban Youth Living

Demographic shifts in recent decades reveal a surge of young urbanites seeking affordable, flexible city living. They’re explorers, not ready to settle. Yet, many cities struggle to cater to their evolving needs.

Introducing YUST: The Future of Housing

Recognizing this challenge, POLO Architects envisioned YUST – Young Urban Style. This groundbreaking residential design offers a perfect blend: affordability, individuality, and community in a buzzing city locale.

YUST isn’t just a living space; it’s an experience. By merging hotel comforts with apartment-style living, it offers varied stay durations. And beyond the doors? A restaurant, rooftop terrace, co-working spaces, and pop-up areas foster community vibes.

Historic Meets Modern: The Architectural Dance

The former telephone factory didn’t undergo a forced restoration. Instead, we transitioned it into this century, blending modern flair with historic reverence. An added aluminium superstructure draws inspiration from the early 20th century’s industrial vibes.

The façade, adorned with trapezium panels, orchestrates a dance of light and shadow. This playful rhythm contrasts, yet complements, the underlying structure. Elements like vertical bays, joinery repetition, and rational construction echo the building’s past. Additionally, the façade’s grid mirrors the studios inside, and its height harmonizes with neighboring edifices.

Photography courtesy of YUST

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- by Matt Watts